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Parental Rights


(John Eppolito – Common Core Critic and creator of Nevadans Against Common Core)

Price for Nevada Dad to See State’s School Files on His Kids: $10G


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High-Stakes Testing


Common Core Critics Launch National Opt Out & Refuse the Test Campaign


Educators, Parents Call for NY 3rd Grade Math Test Invalidation


Some New York School Districts Opt Out of State-Required Field Tests


Database of New York Schools and the Field Tests They Administered


(Brad McQueen – Common Core Critic, teacher, and author of “The Cult of Common Core“)

A Scathing Interview with a 5th Grade Teacher Who Was in the Room When Common Core Was Being Created



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National Don’t Send Your Child to School Day


Anti-Common Core Protest Wants Parents to Keep Kids Home from School


Central New York Parents Protest:  National Keep Your Child Out of School Day


Common Core Critics Celebrate National Don’t Send Your Child to School Day


“Don’t Send Your Child to School Day” Protest Wins Widespread Support


Duncan Didn’t Intimidate “Don’t Send Your Child to School Day” Organizer


(Janet Wilson – Creator of Common Core Critics and