Lessons to Question

Has Your Child Received a Common Core Lesson to Question?

After blacking out your child’s name to keep them anonymous, please send us the complete lesson to question (either scan the assignment or take a picture of it).  Please include your child’s grade, their school with city and state, as well as the name of the school district in which the lesson to question was received from.  Click here to upload your Lesson to Question

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Lessons to Question


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Lessons to Question – In the News


Kindergarten gets tough as kids are forced to bubble in multiple choice tests

(Countrywide – Kindergarten)

The young students are not being allowed to help each other with the tests, even though they keep trying to do so.


Mother Outraged After 4th Grader Brings Home ‘Adult-Themed’ Homework About Infidelity

(Arizona – 4th Grade)


Fourth Graders Taught About ‘Pimps’ and ‘Mobstaz’ in Louisiana

(Louisiana – Vermilion Parish – 4th Grade)



Sixth Grade Assignment:  Destroy the Bill of Rights

(Arkansas – Bryant School District – 6th Grade)



Colorado 7th Graders, Parents, Required To Take “Righty/Lefty” Survey

(Colorado – 7th Grade)






Death Panels 101? Chilling High School Assignment Makes Students Decide Who Lives and Who Dies

(Illinois – St. Joseph-Ogden High School – 9th Grade)

Death Panels 101? Chilling High School Assignment Makes Students Decide Who Lives and Who Dies


Common Porn: Another School District Pulls a Raunchy Common Core Approved Book

(Countrywide – Common Core Exemplar Text – 9th Grade)

Black Swan Green. Photo: YouTube screenshot/FictionBookMixDotCom


AZ School District Pulls Sexually Explicit Book Recommended by Common Core Standards

(Countrywide – Common Core Exemplar Text – 10th Grade)


Common Core Approved Child Pornography  *WARNING:  Graphic*

(Countrywide – Common Core Exemplar Text – 11th Grade)

the bluest eye


If You Are Troubled by Common Core, Check Out the Controversial New Nationalized Science Standards

(Countrywide – All Grades)



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Karen Lamoreaux on Common Core “Math”